Carbon8 And True Citrus Launch A Sparkling Partnership That Redefines Hydration

What are your fave spritzer ingredients or recipes?
I can already tell I’m gonna be using this sparkling water maker all summer long, so I’d love your ideas on what kind of ingredients or spritzers you want to see this Spring-Summer ~ let’s put this new kitchen beauty...
LEMON GINGER NO-JITO.5oz ginger syrup1 packet @truelemonFresh MintTop @carbon8waterNew @carbon8water sparkling water not only makes fantastic carbonated water but also eliminates single use cans and bottles. Can’t thank them enough for sending one over going to be great for event season. Very excited to...
Sparkling water at your finger tips!
By: @skincare_arvika Sparkling water at your finger tips! @carbon8water #carbon8water code: SKINCARE_ARVIKA