Carbon8 - One Touch Sparkling Water Maker and Dispenser - White
Carbon8 - One Touch Sparkling Water Maker and Dispenser - White
Carbon8 - One Touch Sparkling Water Maker and Dispenser - White
Carbon8 - One Touch Sparkling Water Maker and Dispenser - White
Carbon8 - One Touch Sparkling Water Maker and Dispenser - White
Carbon8 - One Touch Sparkling Water Maker and Dispenser - White
Carbon8 - One Touch Sparkling Water Maker and Dispenser - White
Carbon8 - One Touch Sparkling Water Maker and Dispenser - White
Carbon8 - One Touch Sparkling Water Maker and Dispenser - White
Carbon8 - One Touch Sparkling Water Maker and Dispenser - White
Carbon8 - One Touch Sparkling Water Maker and Dispenser - White
Carbon8 - One Touch Sparkling Water Maker and Dispenser - White
Carbon8 - One Touch Sparkling Water Maker and Dispenser - White

Carbon8 - One Touch Sparkling Water Maker and Dispenser - White

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  • Click-and-Sip Technology: Simply touch the top touch control button, and sparkling water is beautifully dispensed into any glass. This one-click operation is specific to Carbon8; conventional carbonators require four steps.
  • Patented Carbon8Reactor: The one-of-a-kind, patented turbine technology mixes water and CO2 instantly, creating a continuous and immediate stream of sparkling water to be served
  • Maker and Dispenser in One: It is the first countertop carbonator that both makes and dispenses sparkling water directly into a glass, instantly ready for consumption. It does not use in-bottle carbonation like other sparkling water makers on the market
  • Bubbles Without Bottles: Carbon8 is committed to using no-waste technology and therefore has developed a maker-dispenser that does not use PET bottles (which are ultimately harmful to the planet).
  • Beyond Water: You no longer need to worry about microplastics, chlorine, chemicals, or bacteria in your tap water.
    Experience the ultimate in water quality with our triple-action process. Our UV-integrated water tank eradicates bacteria, viruses, microcontaminants, and algae, ensuring unparalleled safety. Say goodbye to chlorine and its taste with our efficient filter. But that's not all - we take it to the next level with our mineral-core technology, delivering ultra-clean and great-tasting sparkling water that's enriched with essential minerals. Embrace the purity and flavor of water like never before. ( Filter is Shipping in October and will fit your Carbon8)
  • Reusable Reservoir: The removable two-liter water tank can be stored in the refrigerator or refilled with cold water or even ice.
  • Convenient Lighting: The maker-dispenser features an ambient light at its spout to allow for easy access during the darker hours of the evening without having to turn on the room lights.
  • Carbonation Level: Medium

Width: 13.1
Height: 16.7

Unit Weight: 9.9
Shipping Weight: 11.
Voltage: 110-120V
Frequency: 60Hz
Wattage: 96

What’s in the box:
Carbonator, Drip Mat, Drip Tray


1. Insert the CO2 Cylinder into Carbon8
2. Fill the water tank with cold water
3. Hold the glass close to the spout, touch and hold the top control button to carbonate right into your glass or bottle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sam Dorne
I use it every day

We drink a lot of sparkling water at our house and bought this online because I wanted something nicer.. Having used a sodastream for years, I had long had issues with water leakage and, more annoyingly, having to go through so many steps just to get a glass of bubbly water. The Carbon8 is expensive. No doubt. But its usability and design is well worth it. It looks and feels high quality and my wife lets me keep it on the counter vs my sodastream which I only took out to use it. Another benefit is that this is compatible with existing SodaStream bottles and gas cylinders, which means you can find them anywhere. I signed up for their exchange program though, but just in case..

alyssa alfonso
very different to the others. This is what I have learned.

I've tried a few different sparkling water makers in the past and Carbon8 is by far the best and easiest one I've used. One of the things I love most about it is that are way less steps than the conventional sparklers. Push the button and you get sparkling water dispensed into a glass vs having to fill a plastic bottle, screw it into the maker, push push push push and then filling the water into the glass.Too many steps. With this appliance I can have a splash or glass when needed. I have the aluminum version side panel looks very good quality and the design is super high end overall. As I said, its a lot different and I really like it.

Aaron Tasman
So far so good and its really gorgeous

If you love sparkling water but hate the waste of plastic bottles and cans, this machine is definitely worth checking out. The touch panel is easy to use, but the machine is a bit noisy when dispensing the water ( But so was my old seltzer maker when I kept pushing more gas into the water). The one thing I am a bit skeptical about was the UV light. According to the website is kills algae and other stuff but its difficult to tell I had it for a month now and tank looks clean and water tastes goodSo far so I will update if anything changes ( but seems to work for now). BTW..IT LOOKS GOURGEOUS ON THE COUNTER.

Dean Pasciuto
This is different. I really like it and stands out

I feel like all the sodamakers have looked and functioned somewhat the same in the past 20 years that I have looked at them ( I had a sodastream in the past but stopped using it because was tired of the steps)
If you're tired of the same old soda makers and want something different, the Carbon8 is definitely worth checking out. It's a much better looking option than the Sodastream and others, and the fact that it doesn't use plastic bottles is great.

Petia Guizdeva
One week in and Im impressed

I recently purchased the Carbon8 Sparkling Water Carbonator and Dispenser and I have to say, I am extremely impressed. The one touch dispenser makes it so much easier to use than my old Sodastream. It looks way more modern and beautiful too. I had to get used to keeping the water tank in the fridge. I do this because I like my sparkling water colder and feel the bubbles are stronger when the water is cold. Its not a big deal though and seeing the tank in the fridge reminds me to keep it filled up like my Brita.