You must try this sparkling Hibiscus tea with Carbon8⁠

2 tbsp dried hibiscus petals ⁠
1/2 cup hot water ⁠
3/4 oz agave syrup⁠
1/8 tsp rose water ⁠
1 oz lime juice⁠
1/4 cup carbon 8 sparkling water ⁠
lime slices ⁠
rose petals⁠
sugar for garnish ⁠
Bring water to a boil, reduce heat to low and add hibiscus petals . ⁠
Remove from the heat and let steep for at least 5 minutes, then add the agave syrup. let it cool down. ⁠
Meanwhile, mix together dried rose petals and sparkling sugar in a shallow dish. ⁠
Run a lime slice on the side of a serving glass then dip the glass in the sugar and rose petal mixture. ⁠
Strain the hibiscus tea into the prepared glass, then add the lime juice and rose water. ⁠
Still until well combined, then add ice and top wih Carbon 8 sparkling water. ⁠
Garnish with lime slices and enjoy. ⁠

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