Mocktail Grapefruit margarita with your Carbon8 sparkling water

⁠1/2 unit grapefruit ⁠
1 Tbsp agave syrup⁠
1 unit lime ⁠
1/2 cup Carbon8 sparkling water⁠
sugar and coarse salt for rim⁠
lime slices⁠
pomelo wedges for ganish⁠

Method: ⁠
Juice the lime and the grapefruit. Mix lime juice, some mint leaves,orange juice, and agave. Mix together equal parts sugar an coarse salt and pour onto a plate. ⁠Run a slice of lime around the rim of the glass and then dip into the sugar/salt mixture to coat the rim of the glass. Add a handful of ice to the glass and then pour the virgin margarita in the glass. Top the margarita off with Carbon8 sparkling water and then garnish with lime wedges.⁠ ⁠


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