Is Sparkling Water Good For You? Everything You Need To Know


Is sparkling water good for you? These days, there are plenty of refreshing choices when it comes to sparkling water. 

Whether you enjoy it plain or with a burst of delicious fruit flavor, this beverage is a great alternative to sugary sodas and other drinks. It offers a refreshing fizzy experience that can be quite satisfying. 

But is it safe to consume sparkling water every day, or should we stick to plain water?


Is Sparkling Water Good For You?

Glasses of sparkling water

Can you benefit from drinking carbonated water? Good question. If the carbonated water you're drinking doesn't have any added sugars, then it's a perfect choice.

In general, consuming sparkling water poses no significant health risks. In fact, consuming sparkling water is just as hydrating as plain water. It has also been reported to promote sensations of fullness, alleviate constipation, and improve digestion.

The most hydrating sparkling water contains only water and carbon dioxide (CO2). This is the best option because it provides the same hydration as ordinary water and contains no other additives. Carbon8 Water, for example, can offer you all of the benefits of carbonated water without any of the hazards.

When taken without sugar or additional chemicals, sparkling water provides numerous benefits that can improve your lifestyle, daily routine, and hydration goals.  People worldwide spend almost $29 billion every year on this fizzy beverage, which should tell you a lot.

Still, sparkling water comes in a variety of types and not all of them are made equal.


What Are The Different Kinds Of Sparkling Water?

Sparkling water with lemon

One reason carbonated water's popularity has been on the rise is that it's a healthier alternative to soda and other sugary soft beverages. Having said that, you might be wondering what the differences are between the many varieties of carbonated water.

Let’s figure it out together.

1. Carbonated water

Carbonated water is simply water that has been carbonated with CO2. No flavorings, chemicals, or additives. In terms of health benefits, this is the best sparkling water option because it is essentially water with a fizzing twist. 

Purchasing a high-quality sparkling water maker is the most eco-friendly approach to drinking this.

2. Seltzer 

Pure seltzer is carbonated water made artificially; however, some varieties include added sugar and natural fruit flavors. The lack of additional minerals in most seltzers gives them a more neutral flavor, but this does vary by brand.

Before becoming popular in the US, seltzer was first bottled and sold in Germany as naturally occurring carbonated water.

3. Mineral water

Mineral water comes from a well or spring and has naturally occurring carbonation and minerals like calcium and magnesium. The flavor of mineral water can be considerably altered by its mineral concentration. 

As a result, each sparkling mineral water brand has its own distinct flavor, so though this may be a healthy option, you may struggle to find consistency in its taste between different brands.

4. Club soda

Club soda is artificially carbonated and supplemented with minerals such as sodium bicarbonate and potassium sulfate. The amount of minerals used varies by manufacturer. These minerals may improve the flavor of club soda by giving it a faint salty taste.

5. Tonic water

Tonic water is also artificially carbonated and supplemented with minerals such as quinine, which contributes to its distinct bitter flavor. It also tends to contain sugar or high fructose corn syrup. This type of water is frequently used as a mixer in cocktails, particularly those containing gin or vodka.


Now that we have a solid understanding of the types of sparkling water, let’s get to the bottom line:

In terms of understanding if sparkling water is good for you, it differs.

Feel free to consume carbonated water, sugar-free seltzers, and mineral water to your heart’s delight — but limit tonic water. Not only does it include added sugars, but too much quinine can also cause an upset stomach, headaches, ringing in the ears, as well as other medically unpleasant side effects.


5 Benefits That Make Sparkling Water Good For You 

Alright, so you already know that carbonated water is healthier than juice, energy drinks, and sugar-filled soda. But what precisely makes sparkling water so much better, other than its sugar content (or lack thereof)?

1. It helps you hydrate well

Glasses of sparkling water

One advantage is so significant that it needs reiteration: hydration, hydration, hydration. 

If you find it challenging to stay hydrated throughout the day, there's no harm in substituting a glass or two of still water with the fruity and fizzy goodness of sparkling water. It's just as hydrating and can make staying hydrated more enjoyable. Just remember, no added sugars!

2. It makes you feel full faster

Woman feeling full after drinking water

Consuming sparkling water can result in a temporary feeling of satisfaction and fullness. Research suggests that carbonated water has the potential to increase satiety and prolong the presence of food in the stomach compared to regular water.

3. It may help relieve constipation

Woman clutching her stomach

Sparkling water may provide some help for those with digestive issues.

One study found that after two weeks of consuming carbonated water, older individuals suffering from constipation following a stroke felt enormous relief. Sparkling water helped those with dyspepsia, according to another study.

4. It eases the transition away from sugary drinks

Colorful sugary sodas

Sparkling water may be the key to coaxing your mind out of unhealthy habits, whether you're attempting to overcome a soda addiction or cut back on daily lattes. You may even add cucumbers, fruits, and sugar-free flavoring to sparkling water to make it taste better.

5. It may help with weight management

Woman measuring her hips

To lose weight, staying hydrated is essential. You can prolong the feeling of fullness and reduce calorie consumption by drinking lots of water throughout the day. Furthermore, unsweetened sparkling water can be a delicious alternative to soda and other sugary drinks, which contain empty calories and increase the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes. 

Carbon8 Water Is Your Healthiest Option For Sparkling Water

Carbon8 sparkling water maker

Carbon8 Water exists to provide you with the purest, cleanest sparkling water in the market. 

As the industry standard, you will get to experience unparalleled ease with the sparkling water maker:

  • Hydration at its finest: The patented technology mixes water and CO2 instantly, creating an infinite stream of freshly carbonated water.
  • One-touch: All you need to do is press a button and sparkling, mineralized water is dispensed into any glass.
  • Mineralizing chlorine filter: It eliminates chlorine and adds minerals found in spring water. Yes, even to tap water.
  • UV light: A UV light ensures that you’re drinking the cleanest water possible. 
  • Lemon8 program: The sparkling water maker comes with True Citrus flavor packets, which are sugar-free, GMO-free, and clean.

Sparkle up, and rely on Carbon8 Water to nourish you with the cleanest sparkling water you can find from the comfort of your own home.


Bottom Line: Is Sparkling Water Good For You?

Indulge in the pleasure of sparkling water and savor every sip! 

This beverage is a valuable addition to a well-rounded diet, providing hydration and nourishment. In addition, the bubbles add an element of enjoyment, particularly when consumed from a tall, slender glass to prolong the effervescence.

It's clear that sparkling water has become a permanent fixture in our lives. There is no significant evidence to suggest that plain sparkling water has any negative impact on your health. 

The bottom line is that you should drink sparkling water if it helps you stay hydrated. Listening to your body is the best course of action.