Carbon8 And True Citrus Launch A Sparkling Partnership That Redefines Hydration

Get ready for a flavor experience unlike any other when Carbon8 and True Citrus announce a revolutionary partnership during Drinking Water Week (May 5–11).

This innovative alliance, which is scheduled to launch on May 1, 2024, combines natural tastes with state-of-the-art technology, signaling the start of an exciting new age for fans of flavored sparkling water worldwide.

Originating in Miami, Florida, Carbon8 Water presents a novel idea that aims to revolutionize the way people enjoy beverages at home. In collaboration with True Citrus, a leader in real taste solutions, Carbon8 sets out to create unmatched sparkling water that is infused with the flavor of fresh citrus.

The renowned inventor of Carbon8 and the creative force behind National Sparkling Water Day, Andreas Hansen is pleased to announce this remarkable collaboration.

"Together, we seamlessly blend the vibrant flavors of True Citrus with the flawless sparkling water of Carbon8, raising the bar for the at-home drinking experience," says Hansen.

"At Carbon8, flavor and purity are very important to us. Since True Citrus values authenticity as much as we do, they are the ideal partner in our mission to transform flavored sparkling water. In addition to broadening our product offering, this partnership is a major step in the direction of sustainability."

With its UV cleaner and remineralizing chlorine filter, Carbon8, the only one-touch carbonator for easy click-and-sip sparkling water, guarantees that every fizzy drink is as pure as possible.

With just one click, the Carbon8 creates and dispenses sparkling water without the need for plastic bottles, quickly becoming a media darling and fan favorite. Its contemporary appearance seamlessly blends into any kitchen.

With its cutting-edge touchscreen interface, the Carbon8Reactor's unique, patented turbine technology swiftly blends water and CO2—now with the ability to effortlessly add a hint of citrus.

True Citrus, a U.S.-based innovator, is dedicated to encapsulating the flavor of freshly squeezed citrus in all of its products, which include True Lemon® and True Lime®.

All True Citrus products emphasize authenticity by utilizing only simple, clean, non-GMO ingredients without the addition of artificial sweeteners, sugar, calories, sodium, or gluten. They are prepared from real citrus juice and oils and have a fresh squeezed taste.

This partnership, which launches just as spring gives way to summer, promises to revitalize hydration routines.

Every moment is transformed into a celebration of flavor by Carbon8 + True Citrus, whether it's a calm evening at home or a boisterous backyard BBQ.

Pure sparkling water is now within reach with the Carbon8 Infinity Stream, available at Williams Sonoma and Target, among other select locations.

During the first week of May each year, the American Water Works Association shines a spotlight on the indispensable role of tap water in our daily lives and the critical need for investing in water infrastructure. It's during this significant occasion that Carbon8 and True Citrus step forward to unveil the future of sophisticated, filtered, and flavored sparkling water.

Here's what this exciting collaboration promises:

  • Enhanced hydration
  • Filtered and re-mineralized sparkling water
  • The pioneering natural flavor infusion system for home carbonation
  • A diverse range of delicious and convenient home-prepared beverages
  • Elimination of plastic bottles and unnecessary accessories
  • Unparalleled convenience with click-and-sip technology, enhanced by authentic citrus flavor

    The Carbon8 Infinity Stream is now available for purchase through select retailers including Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table, Macy's and Target.

    For more details on the Infinity Stream collaboration, visit Carbon8's website and follow their journey on Instagram.

    To explore True Citrus and its products, visit